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Liquid Bleach Cleaner Disposable Detergent 1000ml — Liquid Bleach Cleaner Disposable Detergent 1000ml alımı,  fiyatı, Liquid Bleach Cleaner Disposable Detergent 1000ml görseli, Uzman Kimyasal Temizlik Mad. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. şirketinden. Allbiz Türkiye piyasasında Ev temizlik
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    Liquid Bleach Cleaner Disposable Detergent 1000ml

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    Satın al Liquid Bleach Cleaner Disposable Detergent 1000ml
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    Packaging & Delivery

    Packaging Details: 16pcs/Box for 1000ml
    Delivery Detail: 20-30 Days after Deposit
      Product Description

      Gulfa Bleach is a Cleaner which can be used eighter bathroom with own effective formula or clothes with own whitener formula. Bleach removes stains on clothes easily and also do not wear out. On the other hand, it makes hygienic toilet, washbasin or bath-tub.



    Product Formula

    <%5 anionic active agent, <%15-30 sodium hypocloride, Perfume, Deionized water




    White Clothes, toilet, bathroom etc.

    For Hand-Washing;

    Approximatelly 85g bleach for 1 L water. They are waited for 30 minutes and then rinse.

    For Washing Machines;

    In short programme, Approximatelly 190g bleach is added to detergent part without added detergent when the machine gets cold water. After finish short programme, washed again with detergent this time in normal programme.

    For General Cleaning

    Approximatelly 85g bleach for 1,5 L water,



    Packaging & Shipping

    Net Weight: 1000ml 

    In Box: 16pcs

    Type: Pet Bottle

    Colour: White 

    Delivery Time: 20-30 Days

    Min. Order: 10000 pcs



    1. Please be aware of reading Usage.
    2. Do not Use for cleaning of hand, skin and foods.
    3. Keep away from Children.(S1/2)
    4. It causes burned.(R34)
    5. Dangerous of swallow.(R22)
    6. In case of touching eye or hand, Please wash with plenty of water and get medical advice. (S24-25-26-28-45)
    7. Use Gloves,masks and glasses. (S37-39)
    8. Do not breath applied product, directly.
    9. Do not expose to Sunlight directly and keep in cool place.
    10. In case of touching releases toxic gas.
    11. Do not use for Woolen and Silky clothes.
    12. It is not favour to use on gold, brass, marble, copper, wood, enamel, covered metal surface.
    • Liquid Bleach Cleaner Disposable Detergent 1000ml
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    Satın al liquid bleach cleaner disposable detergent 1000ml
    Liquid Bleach Cleaner Disposable Detergent 1000ml
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