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    Satın al Roller Mill
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    USE: Millennium 25/100 roller mills are used for producing quality flour and   semolina from all types of wheat.


     Outside appearance newly designed Millennium Model. 

     The Feeding Rolls are controlled by Weight Type Analogue Sensor & activated by time belts.

     The grinding Rolls are adjusted both manually & automatically & equipped with Time Belts enabling the following abilities:

    Noise-Free, Vibration-Free and Heat-Free operation 

     Besides work-safety and depreciation advantages, it saves time and labour, makes the working- condition easier.

     Roller Mill chassis is made of 12 mm platinum-body with high resistance against burden.

     Roller mill body is equipped with removable covers-lids in order to have easier reach inside.

     Transmission is equipped with oil-indicators, which provides easiness in changing the oil.

     For changing the air pressure, also exist on air-pressure gauge.

     The bearings of the Roller mills are of conical-bearing type of bed system, which are well isolated against dust through special oil felts and gaskets.

     The beds are made of quality cast-iron 

     The best of the pneumatic system used on the machine is FESTO and, the back and forth movement of the roller mills is achieved by padded pistons.

     Keeping up with the developing technology, the maximum capacity is attained with minimum consumption of energy with Millennium Model 25/100 Roller Mills.

     The steel materials used are at 1010-1060 standards according to use properties.

     The sheet and platinum used are at St 32-2 standards.

     The bolt and nuts are at 8.8 resistance standards.

     The outside paintings are in conformance with food norms and at a quality that do not harm human health.

     The castings are GG 20-26 and GS 52 standards.

     The yellow materials that are used at beds and bushes are at SnBz 10 standards.

     The aluminum materials are at A 140-120 standards.


    The complete system is controlled electronically by PLC. The cycle of the rolls is adjusted according to the intensity of the product to be grinded. The group dismantling / modular system availability enables easy cleaning for the feeding rolls. Grinding rolls move electronically at micron sensitivity. It can be operated individually besides its operation together with the other roller mills with the help of a PC by remote control. The operator can control the machine easily by using the numeric panels at both sides. It is also possible to communicate with other PCs by PROFIBUS. The Single Deck Roller Mills having four grinding rolls while the Double Deck Roller Mill has eight grinding rolls and the grinding capacity is doubled of Single Deck Roller Mills. 

    The double roller mills are used in occasions where the space is important. Less number of passages for quadro plansifters is needed when double-deck roller mills are used.


    IMPORTANT NOTICE: Roller mill specifications may change according to the type of roller mills.

    • Roller Mill
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    Satın al roller mill
    Roller Mill
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